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Threat Intelligence API

Karma provides quick access through an API to multiple Threat Intelligence databases.

It allows the query, from a single place and a single request, to the results of several information sources, about IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

In an instant you can know if a certain address has been classified as malicious by the main sources of threat intelligence.

Its simple and standardized, allowing integration into any type of product or service that has the ability to perform HTTP queries.

Available at:

> Quick access to multiple sources of information

> Simple and consistent API

> Free use for non-commercial projects


Continuous Vulnerability Scanning

Infrastructures change constantly, so it is impossible to verify security at a certain time, and expect everything to continue within one, three or six months.

That is why the continuous scan of vulnerabilities allows you to be aware of what the state of your infrastructure is, at all times.

Mantra provides a "Security As A Service" (SaaS) solution, focused on Threat Intelligence and continuous monitoring of the perimeter.

The reports are intuitive, and are referenced with international standards, such as OWASP Top 10, SANS, CVE, CWE and CVSS.

> Continuous vulnerability scanning

> Simple and concrete reports

> Clear solution recommendations

> Based on international standards


Suite of security tools developed in Python

Habu is an open source project that provides a series of highly useful tools for security professionals.

It allows to facilitate several of the tasks to be carried out during processes of Vulnerability Analysis, Penetration Testing and Red Team.

It is a modular suite, which implements the Unix philosophy, where each tool performs a specific task

The source code and the project tracking can be found at

> Tools of maximum utility for cybersecurity professionals

> Open source project in constant evolution

> Packages available for Python (pip) and Kali / Linux

> Clear code and developed following the best practices


DNS service based on asymmetric cryptography

AsyDNS allows the resolution of names to IP addresses based on authentication by public and private key.

DNS records are generated in a completely dynamic way, through a REST HTTP API that allows the updating of these records simply by proving that the corresponding private key is in position.

It is an open source project, which allows both the implementation of a server itself, and the use of the main server, provided by Securetia.

The AsyDNS API is simple, and allows the implementation of clients in any programming language (there is a reference client written in Bash).

The source code and the project tracking can be found at

A multiplatform client, developed in Go, can be found at

> DNS records based on asymmetric cryptography

> HTTP REST API simple and compatible with any language

> Possibility of implementing your own server

> Main server provided by Securetia


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