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Red Team

Improve the effectiveness of your defensive capabilities

Our Red Team service is designed to continuously evaluate the capabilities of your organization in terms of prevention, detection and response to cyber attacks.

A realistic scenario is generated, using the same techniques that cyber attackers use every day.

We assist your security team and work together to improve your defensive capabilities.

There is constant notice of any attack or technique that has been used successfully, so that your organization is prepared for the actions of cybercriminals.

> Know your level of exposure to real attacks

> Improve your team's defensive capabilities

> Identify and mitigate complex vulnerabilities

> Actionable intelligence for decision making

> Recommendations based on results


Penetration Testing

Discover to which attack vectors your company is exposed

Our Penetration Test service is designed to verify which attack vectors a cybercriminal could use to breach your infrastructure.

We follow a methodology based on the best practices of the market and we use the same tools that real attackers use.

The service can be customized to test external or internal attacks, simulating different real-life situations.

You will receive detailed reports of how vulnerabilities have been exploited and recommendations about how to mitigate them.

> Know your level of exposure to attacks

> Check your detection and defense capabilities

> Identify and mitigate vulnerabilities

> Service adaptable to your needs

> Complete reports with clear recommendations


Vulnerability Assessment

Find your vulnerabilities before cybercriminals do

Our Vulnerability Assessment service allows you to detect the security problems in your infrastructure, which could be used by an attacker to take control of it.

Automated tools are used that verify a large number of aspects in their systems in order to detect failures.

If a vulnerability is easy to fnd by an automated system, the attackers will also fnd it, therefore, it is recommended to adjust the defenses as a priority. You will receive detailed reports and recommendations on how to solve each problem encountered.

> Detect weak points in your infrastructure

> Improve the level of security in your organization

> Mitigate your vulnerabilities effectively

> Have an orderly and prioritized action plan

> Obtain reports with clear recommendations



Get the right information to make the appropiate decisions

Our Cyber Intelligence services will allow you to identify the possible risks to which your organization is exposed.

By analyzing multiple data sources and indicators of fraudulent activities, we can warn you of possible future threats, to be properly prepared and take the most appropriate actions.

We also have the ability to analyze the reputation of your computing assets, to detect any anomaly that could affect the perception of your organization to current and future customers.

> Prevent and detect online frauds

> Manage the brand's risk and reputation

> Design defense measures against targeted attacks

> Prevent and detect information leaks

> Detect brand impersonation attempts


Computer Forensics

Recover your data and identify causes and responsible

We apply specialized scientifc and analytical techniques that will allow you to identify, preserve, analyze and present data that is valid within a legal process. We have a team with extensive experience in different jurisdictions.

Knowing the modus operandi may not only discover the origin of the irruption, but also may establish the necessary policies so that a fact of similar characteristics does not happen again.

Forensic analysis is the ideal solution for companies that have the need to investigate computer security incidents. It allows taking the appropriate measures so that the event does not happen again, apart from knowing in depth the details of it.

> Recover hijacked information

> Discover exploited vulnerabilities

> Identify attack leaders

> Establish measures to prevent a recurrence

> Present the evidence within a legal process


Cybersecurity Consulting

Get the ideal advice for risk reduction

Our team of expert cybersecurity consultants offers services of the highest level in consulting in multiple areas of the daily development of security.

Whether you need to implement a timely solution or need to know what is the ideal technology to solve your problems, our team is at your disposal to help you.

Some of the tasks we develop include: analysis, development and implementation of regulations, development of security policies, security infrastructure consulting, Digital Signature, PKI, Single Sign-on and many others.

> Receive advice from experts

> Reduce implementation times and costs

> Implement the right solutions for each situation

> Use solutions based on best practices

> Obtain security support in a timely manner



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